Calves, Hair, Her

'Calves, Hair, Her' is a film and music project created by Edwin Li, Sarah Li and Petra Szeman. It has been created in collaboration over the past few months during lockdown, using some older music pieces as the inspiration for the project. Through this process, an entirely new film including animation has been made as well as new sounds and miniature compositions. 

Petra Szeman created all of the animation for the project (you can follow Petra on Instagram @petra.szeman). Sarah and Edwin Li created all of the music for the film under the band name 'Shirley Mann and Leroy McSex'

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Instagram @shirleymannleroymcsex

Facebook shirleymannandleroymcsex

Edwin and Sarah Li also filmed and directed the project.

For film subtitles please go to the bottom right-hand corner of the media player to adjust the settings.

We recommend that you watch the film at the highest quality (HD 1080p), which you can adjust at the bottom right-hand corner of the media player. We also recommend that you watch it in darkness to get the best viewing experience and listen to it through headphones or good quality speakers to get the optimal sound experience, but that is entirely optional.

'Calves, Hair, Her' is about Queer love and loss.

Funded by The Star and Shadow Cinema and Arts Council England.