Society Digital Zine

Are you a horror fanatic?

Are you (a lover of) trash?


Society is a digital fanzine inspired by all things trash horror. It is a collaborative project featuring writing and art from a group of horror fans, with a specific focus on Brian Yuzna's body horror classic of the same title.

The zine celebrates the absurdity, hilarity and sheer monstrosity of such low budget masterpieces- it takes the broad theme of trash horror and creates horrific trash for you to enjoy.


Turn off all the lights (but leave some on so that you can see the zine), and come join the Society!


Society (certificate 18) is currently streaming on BFI player and Shudder, and you can get a seven day free trial on both. You don't need to watch the film to enjoy the zine, but it's a perfect pairing!


This is one of The Star and Shadow 'Microprojects' which has been funded by The Star and Shadow Cinema and Arts Council England.