Meetings are the foremost context for decision making and planning for Star and Shadow ops, and where tasks get delegated.  Email lists for working groups are useful for backing this up and taking things further but anything that requires a formal decision needs to happen at a meeting.  They are every monday evening at the S&S, at 6pm.  The General Meeting (GM) covers issues around the building, finances, processes, H&S, etc. and the Programming Meeting (PM) covers everything to do with events and screenings at the S&S.

If you want to propose an event, AND you are a volunteer already, you can bring it to the programming meeting.  If you are NOT a volunteer, then please fill out this online form which will be discussed at a programming meeting to work out if its possible.

These meetings are often long, and are facilitated according to a consensus decision making process.  People are asked to put their hands up to contribute, think twice about speaking unless it is a useful contribution, and above all listen with patience and respect, particularly to those who don't normally speak.  If you are a completely new volunteer it might be best to do a few shifts before throwing yourself into a meeting. 

General Meeting (& volunteer rota) - 1st & 3rd Monday’s, 6pm
Programming Meeting (& volunteer rota) - 2nd & 4th Monday’s, 6pm
Caretaking & volunteer rota - 5th Monday, 6pmA
AGM - October/November time. Next one: 21st October 2018
EGM - extraordinary general meeting, a formal process for dealing with urgent issues - as and when it is needed.
Working groups - meet as and when - meetings will be posted on that working group email list.