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A time to dance...Gabriel Roths '5 Rhythms' movement practice hosted by Heaton Dance Group

Tue 30 June // 19:00 / Radio

Tickets: No Pounds

Tonight Josh is going to play the music for us so tune in and dance...

We’ve been dancing through most of the Lock Down on the Star and Shadow radio.  But the Heaton Dance Group practicing Gabriel Roth’s ‘5 Rhythms’ have been dancing for 30 years.  Gabriel Roth developed the idea of dancing through stuff as an immediate body response to life. Birth death joy sadness mental and physical dead ends, whatever hits us we can dance, surrender our minds and allow our bodies to find wisdom ecstacy completion reconciliation….The body has wisdom and the ‘5 Rhythms’ wave: flowing – staccatto – chaos – lyrical – stillness – are the expressive modes through which we move.  So come on – it’s a work out at whatever level you want to pitch in: physical – emotional – spiritual – psychic: dance minus zero no limit.

Tonight Gordon who with his ex partner Joy, brought  '5 Rhythms' dance to Newcastle, will talk a little about the practice. 

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