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Resounding Silents...

A Trip To Mars (1918)

vintage silent movie, contemporary live score

Dir. Holgar Madsen 1h21m Denmark

Sun 31 March // 19:30 / Cinema

Tickets: £7/5

The Excelsior is sent from Earth to Mars and discovers Martian natives, a race of blonde vegetarian pacifists.

The first space opera science fiction feature is a Danish production full of impressive sets, broad performances and dubious science, not surprising perhaps as the basic technology didn't exist and planets were still being discovered (Pluto had been photographed by accident but not identified and NASA precurser NACA was only just born, it hadn't thought to add the Space part to the name yet).

Featuring a live score by the nil-harmonic sym-phoney dork-estra Phallictite.

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