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Kleber Mendonça Filho, Juliano Dornelles

Sat 4 April // 19:30 / Cinema
Sat 4 April // 20:30 / Cinema

Tickets: FREE!

Welcome to a WATCHALONG screening of BACURAU. We had plaaned to show it on 11 April in the cinema, but now its on MUBI we thought - lets give it a shot and watch it onlin a.. together. Come and join in the party. It requires a little bit of setting up to join in, but give it a go! Follow the instructions if you can...

BEFORE THE SCREENING (best done well in advance)
1. create a MUBI account. This particular screening will only work for you if you have a MUBI account. Make sure you are logged in. You can use this code to get a free 90 day trial: https://mubi.com/cinemagoeson
2. Make sure you have Firefox or Chrome web browser.
3. Go to metastream, and make sure you install the add-on to firefox/chrome.
1. Click on this INVITE LINK

2. Once you have joined the virtual cinema auditorium, you can hit RETURN to start chatting; you can dock the chat to the right to see it all the time, or you can MUTE the chat if you prefer.

Now, to the film...

Bacurau, a settlement in rural Brazil, is shaken by its matriarch’s death. But something strange is happening, the water supply has been cut off, and the village has disappeared from satellite maps completely. Under threat from an unknown enemy, Bacurau braces itself for a brutal fight for survival.