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Byker Groove : Disco Party

Sun 26 May // 21:00 / Venue Space

Tickets: £5

Bank Holiday Sunday 26 May 21:00 till 3:00
Forget PJ and Duncan; imagine New York’s legendary discos: The Loft, Sanctuary, Paradise Garage…
Byker Groove brings together some of Newcastle’s very best Soul, Funk, Psych and Disco DJs –

Adzmandala (Cosmifrica), Alex Johnson (Soul Finger), Giovanni Spatuzzi (Fuzzy Warbles), Jelly Jels (Funky Fridays), Mr Sayers (Fuzzy Warbles) to recreate the magic of these early 70s to late 80s discos.
Byker Groove will transform the Star and Shadow’s wonderful club space and use its fantastic sound and lighting systems to create an environment for people to party!