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Chicken Run - Kids Film

Running time 1 hour 24 minutes. Certification U Universal – Suitable for all

Sun 14 July // 12:30 / Cinema

Tickets: Donations please if you can afford it!!

From the creators of Wallace and Gromit. Having been hopelessly repressed and facing eventual certain death at the British chicken farm where they are held, Rocky the american rooster and Ginger the chicken decide to rebel against the evil Mr. and Mrs. Tweedy, the farm’s owners.

Set in Yorkshire in the 1950's Mr. and Mrs. Tweedy operate an abusive poultry farm where chickens are caged in with a high fence and barbed wire, and two dogs patrol the grounds. Any hen that ceases to produce eggs is slaughtered for food. Frustrated at the 'minuscule profits' generated by the farm, Mrs. Tweedy conceives the idea of converting their farm into automated production after seeing an advertisement in a magazine.

 "Chicken Run has all the charm of Nick Park's Wallace & Gromit, and something for everybody. The voice acting is fabulous, the slapstick is brilliant, and the action sequences are spectacular"

"a movie that uses animals as surrogates for our hopes and fears, and as the chickens run through one failed escape attempt after another, the charm of the movie wins us over"

Trailer  https://youtu.be/jVdlxwX6A7g