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Chop socky dojo

classic martial arts movie club

Thu 2 May // 19:00 / Venue Space

Tickets: free

tonight's training session; The Best Of The Worst...the cream of the crap, the strong flavours that prove to be an aquired taste so bad they are good
...one man's trash being another man's treasure we search among the dross for those rare elements, the diamonds in the rough
The History Of Chop Socky Part 4 The Old School Masters (And The Kids Of The New School)...the genius stuntmen, the western pretenders and the retarded ninjas

plus, up for discussion Riki-Oh:The Story Of Ricky (1991) notoriously one of the first non-erotic films to earn a Category 3 (18+) certificate in Hong Kong on it's release due entirely to it's graphic violence, but despite the restriction this intensely comic film stands alone in much the same way that Sam Raimi's Evil Dead series sits seperate to the slew of video nasties into which it was originally lumped