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Chop socky dojo

classic martial arts movie club

Thu 4 April // 19:00 / Cinema

Tickets: free

tonight's training session;

The History Of Chop Socky Part 3 Death Of A Swordsman Birth Of A Dragon...1970's, Bruce Lee takes Kung Fu global, Noodle Westerns, Blaxploitation & Drunken Masterpieces...


The Best Of The Rest...the obscure talents and hidden gems buried deep in the archive
...little known, nearly made it, rarely seen, barely understood, seldom mentioned moments of minor genius worthy of study by the avid apprentice of the noble arts

plus, up for discussion Intimate Confessions Of A Chinese Courtesan (1972) directed by Chor Yuen, probably Shaw Bros. most literary minded filmmaker, a subtle technician with a firm narrative sense and adept at building intrigue as he does in this twisting tale of a concubine choosing to make what she can of the mixed blessings offered by her unfortunate enforced position

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