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Resounding Silents presents...

Der Golem (1920)

featuring a live score by NoizeChoir with guest Graeme Wilson

Paul Wegener (1920) 85mins

Sun 2 February // 19:30 / Cinema

Tickets: £7/5

With the Jewish community of the Prague Ghetto threatened with expulsion Chief Rabbi Loew constructs a protector, an imposing clay monster given life by arcane magic...

Star and Director Paul Wegener created one of cinemas first horror icons with his lumbering clay goliath, a great example of early practical special effects make up and a huge influence on later classics like James Whale's Frankenstein a decade after.

NoizeChoir return to live score this expressionist masterpiece for the fourth time since premiering their original version at the old S&S site in 2014 followed by a visit to Pop Recs (Sunderland) and then The Castle Keep (Newcastle) in 2016.

This time the choir present a brand new collaboration with Graeme Wilson (Paul Edis Sextet).