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Star & Shadow Cinema

Distribution, marketing & promotion basic training

a shameless act of self promotion

Sat 27 July // 12:00 / Meeting

Tickets: Free for volunteers

Whether you want to help support our excellent and varied programme or just to plug your own events you will find useful advice and activities at your disposal today...poster and flyer design/zine publishing/social media campaigns/website optimisation/listings services/press releases/print distribution maps/research and curation with experienced guest mentors plus our in house programming geeks will be on hand to help any way they can

we need willing walkers, runners, cyclists, drivers and public transport afficionados to help distribute our printed programme to the four corners of the Earth (or at least as far as a Day Rider will take you) once a month

we are sending a shout out to any designers, producers, writers, photographers, makers and new fangled content providers to buddy up with our creatively challenged film nerds to generate good copy and great images in an ad-hoc as-and-when fashion

we are also calling for keen Twitterers, Facebookers and Instagramers to assist us crusty old duffers in posting and sharing programme updates and original material on an almost daily basis