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The Star and Shadow Presents

Junior + short film

"I would like to be a dot . "

Dir: Sien Versteyhe, Belgium, 2012, 54 mins, Not Rated

Wed 3 April // 19:30 / Cinema

Tickets: £7/£5

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Email info@starandshadow.org.uk, with ‘FAO John O’Reilly’ as the subject.

Film synopsis:

Why are people so interested in Junior Bauwens? One, because he's world junior lightweight boxing champion. Two, because he's got a very special family. He is the oldest of 7 siblings, four of whom are autisic. Against this backdrop Junior doesn't just fight to win titles; he is fighting for a better future for his family. But the weight of responsibility that comes with both sides of his life is intense and tragedy is never far away.

This stunning documentary, reminiscent of Ken Loach’s social realist style, is a welcomed reminder of the power of documentary to capture real life stories in a raw and unmediated way.


'Junior' will be preceded by 

"hmmm whales, wormholes + a desire 2 protecc difference" (20 mins)

by locally-based artist Charlotte Cook. A compelling insight into the artist's personal landscape, bridging divergent experience through Fortnite, whales and Hatsune Miku.


Programmer’s notes:

Two years ago I knew almost nothing about autism. Then I discovered that I am autistic. Now I know a lot more! I choose these four films because they are eclectic, but feel relevant to my own experiences. I hope they encourage you to be more curious.

I liked Junior because so much is left unsaid. I found myself thinking over what really happened in the film for about two weeks after seeing it.


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