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Ping Pong

Sat 16 February // 20:00 / Venue Space

Tickets: Free

It's Ping Pong Newcastle's birthday! They are 12 years old. Come to celebrate with us at the Star and Shadow Cinema on Saturday 16th February, where we'll be blowing the kitty on more confetti canons and illuminous balls...
Ping Pong Newcastle is an around the table, knock-out, 'killer pong' affair, the style of which originated in Berlin at the world-famous Dr Pong. You play your shot and if it goes on you move around to the other side of the table and carry on. If you miss you're out of the round until the last two remaining battle it out for the 'silverware' before we repeat the process for your next shot at Ping Pong glory.
So this February, whether you're married, single, just curious or not bothered, stay in on Valentine's Day and save your money, unbridled love (and dignity) for table tennis action, dancing and maybe some heavy petting at the deep end. The classic formula applies; table tennis from 8pm until 11pm ish and then pure dancing and megabantz until 1am. Ping Pong's resident DJs Conrad, Rossaldo and Dr Paul Langley will be operating the gramophones to mark their twelve year milestone. And if you have remortgaged your property on Valentine's Day related things, fear not as entry and participation is FREE.