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Polyland Film

Film is 71 minutes long. Discussion 30 minutes.

Sun 14 April // 14:00 / Cinema

Tickets: £7.00/ £5.00. Pay as you feel. Buy tickets on the door

A documentary film (UK/PL/2017/71min) by Dasa Raimanova & Zofia Brom
English/ Polish subtitles
POLYLAND trailer (2min)

Discussion will follow the film. Café open  12noon-5pm serving hot food.

POLYLAND gives a voice to three strong female characters from different minorities in Poland and explores the nuances of how it feels to be black, Muslim or LGBTQ+ in the most homogenous country in an ever more right-leaning Europe.

POLYLAND’s three women were all born in Poland and currently are citizens of Wroclaw, the biggest city in Western Poland. Ania, Miriam and Elmelda seek to be seen, not as “the other”, but as a part of Polish society.


Their efforts involve creating self-help groups, organizing protests and appearances on local TV and… Everything appears to be going towards the right direction, the women believe that a liberal society is within reach until the dramatic shift in Polish politics in 2015 shatters their hopes and confidence.


Their wish for belonging reflects many other stories across the world and seems increasingly difficult to achieve in the current political climate of Brexit, Donald Trump and the upsurge of right-wing movement across Europe.