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A night of local North East hip hop

Summertime Shootout

Featuring Rick Fury. Gilly Man Giro. HB (Just B and Hman). Stu the Don. Ryza and $onny. Rumax (Max Simpson and 90Bro).

Sat 13 July 2019 // 20:00 / Venue Space

Tickets: £5

A night of local hip hop from the North East.
Rappers, DJs and dancers take over the venue room for a few hours of raw and real sounds and lyrics that come from the art and the heart of what hip hop is all about. 
If you have seen any of these performers before then you know you want to be here... if not then get down and bring your best mates... this is for those creatives who live and love in the region and are true to their community.

£5 gets you access to the cinema for Buster Caulkers doc of local skateboarders and the gig. 

We live for nights like this... and as Tupac said... “My mama always used to tell me: if you can’t find something to live for, you best find something to die for.” and we aint ready to die just yet.