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Star and Shadow Radio presents


with Mike McHugh, presented by Em Anderson

Thu 14 January // 20:00 / Radio

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A celebration of creative projects that never got finished or never made it out into the world. What’s the value to be found in unfinished and private writing, art, and music? What stops us from finishing things off? And what might happen if the pressure to complete projects disappeared?

In this episode, my guest is Mike McHugh, who works for Tyne & Wear Archives and Museums.

Mike has fascinating things to say about how we can challenge traditional approaches to museum exhibitions, as well as loads of great insights into why fear of failure can make it difficult to start projects.

We talk about (among other things): melting down armaments in museums to turn them into records; how hypnosis can go wrong; Ken Campbell and making things heroic; and the time Mike got a medium to do psychic readings of museum objects...(we couldn't remember the word for this when we were speaking, but I think is called Psychometry).

Check out Mike's article on his work at the Shipley Museum here: "Beyond The Museum: Chaos Magic, Local History & Occult Data Collection".

And you can watch the "Beyond the Museum" event on Youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1SEwQ5WOqio

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