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Folk Horror Revival present

Witch Cults

Summer is a cumin' in...

Sat 14 July // 12:00 / Venue Space

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Folk Horror Revival hits the North ... Live Music - Lectures -- Theatre - Art - Performance ...
Sumer is icumin in ...

Speakers: Diane Purkiss, Gail-Nina Anderson, Darren Charles and Bob Beagrie

Music from: Black Mountain Transmitter, The Heartwood Institute, Nathalie Stern, Georgia Seddon, Hokano, Peg Powler, and Marcus H.

Films: Simon King of the Witches and Angeli Bianchi.... Angeli Neri (Witchcraft 70)

Shorts: Bella in the Wych Elm, Thelema, Conjuration, and American Witch

Theatre: Tracey Norman's WITCH

compere ~ Andy Paciorek

5 hours of film including 2 full length features and a number of shorts with 2 showings, 12pm to 5pm and 7pm to 12am.

A wide variety of fascinating talks and lectures on Witches and Witchcraft running from 12pm to 5pm.

An array of musical talent performing live for your delectation from 7pm to 1am.

Over 18s only.

Full day tickets are priced £27.54 and evening only tickets are priced £16.76 are available from our eventbrite link at:

Witch Cults is the latest event from Folk Horror Revival. The event takes place on July 14th at The Star and Shadow cinema in Newcastle, running from noon until 1am the following morning. Featuring a series of talks, films, musical performances and even a theatrical piece all themed around witchcraft through the ages. 

Folk Horror Revival started life as a Facebook group in 2013, the brainchild of artist Andy Paciorek who had been looking for a group to join and couldn’t find one, so decided to make his own. Over the last 5 years the group has grown exponentially, we now have over 22,000 members on Facebook, and have since moved into other fields. Our publishing arm Wyrd Harvest Press has released a number of books over the last few years featuring contributions from a wide and interesting mix of contributors, all proceeds from our books are charitably donate to Wildlife Trusts project around the UK. We have also organised a series of events around the country, our first at the British Museum in London featured Shirley Collins, Reece Sheersmith, Gary Lachman and Ian Sinclair to name a few and we have also had successful events at Summerhall in Edinburgh, the Hepworth in Wakefield and The Metropol in Whitby but Newcastle has been one we really wanted to do. It’s our home event and we are very much looking forward to making this one something a bit special.

The lineup features talks from one of the leading academics in the field of literature and witchcraft Diane Purkiss, talking about Scottish witches in the realm of the dead. Local art historian Gail-Nina Anderson will give her talk “Hecate or the Horned Man – was there a God of the Witches?” and our own Darren Charles will be discussing historical accuracy in cinematic adaptions of Early modern witch trials. Poet and senior lecturer at Teeside university, Bob Beagrie will be joining us to perform sections from the epic poem The Seer Sung Husband, and the Circle of Spears theatre group will be performing WITCH for us, a play about a witch trial based on real evidence.

Our musical entertainment is a wonderful and varied of styles. Black Mountain Transmitter, the Lovecraftian musical project of James Robert Moore return to Newcastle, James last took Newcastle by storm in 2013 as part of the Unearthing Forgotten Horrors event at the old Star and Shadow, and we are so pleased to be able to welcome him back to our shores for this event. The Heartwood Institute is another exciting electronic project that we are excited about bringing to Newcastle for the first time. Their most recent album Secret Rites will provide a suitably witchy soundtrack to our event. Local legend Nathalie Stern will be joining us to perform her Lovecraftian based set of folky electronics and vocal loops. Another local performer is Georgia Seddon, daughter of The Incredible String Band’s Mike Heron and super talented musician in her own right will be performing a solo set at Witch Cults. Teeside based folk band Peg Powler will be joining us, appropriately named after a water witch from Teeside folklore, a grindylow who is said to grab children and wayward young men who stray too close to the bubbling river’s edge and devour them in her watery den, known as Hell’s Kettles. There is also Hokano, a solo project from Andy Hokano of Psychogeographical Commission and Chonyid fame. Andy will be performing a set based upon his forthcoming release “Witch Pricker” which is based loosely upon the 1650 Newcastle witch trials. Our final musical performer is Marcus H, whose special brand of electronica has graced the airwaves of BBC Radio3 and 6 Music among many others.

Our film programme, has been curated by ourselves and features two full length features, the camp cult classic Simon, King of the Witches a wild psychedelic freak out with drugs, parties, Satanic rituals and all kinds of lysergic madness and mayhem. The other is the Italian print of the witchcraft documentary Witchcraft ’70 (Angeli Bianchi…. Angeli Neri) which features extra footage not available in other versions of the film. The film features many important figures of the time Alex and Maxine Sanders and Anton LaVey among them. The rest of the programme is made up of contemporary short films by some of the best artists working today. We have two shorts from Gary Parsons, Thelema that was partly filmed at Aleister Crowley’s Abbey of Thelema in Sicily and  Conjuration which is based around an Alexandrian ritual. Another film we have, from director Tom Lee Rutter is Bella in the Wych Elm, which is based around the strange story of a woman’s body found inside an elm tree by a group of boys in the mid 20th century. Our final short comes from Scarlett Amaris and Melissa St Hilaire. American Witch is a ten minute film that they are using as a promo for a longer project exploring the stories of practitioners and how witchcraft has changed their lives.