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Women in Hebron

Tue 10 March // 19:00 / Cinema

Tickets: Donation

Palestine Community Foundation have arranged for women from the 'Women in Hebron' Cooperative to come to the UK to talk about their work as well as life under occupation...

This event is a short film about the segregation of Hebron, followed by a 20 minute talk before opening up to a Q&A and finally a chance for audience members to look through and purchase some of the Women in Hebron embroidery and chat directly.

Tea and coffee will be available.

'Women in Hebron is a Palestinian non-profit fair trade cooperative under the Idna Cooperative
Association for Embroidery and Handicrafts. Idna is a mid-sized Palestinian city of around 25,000 people, located to the southwest of Hebron in the West Bank.

The one hundred and fifty women who produce the items that are sold come from across Hebron district from eight cities and villages. The proceeds from sales provide themselves and their
families with additional income that could not otherwise be obtained through part-time employment.
Our work is based on the idea that developing Palestinian handicrafts is more than just an income generating project. It is in of itself an act of community-strengthening, of honoring the role of
women in our society, and a means to show sumud – steadfastness – in the face of the occupation
of Palestine and the harm it has done to the people of Hebron'.