LTP #7 Presents


A surreal, comic oddyssey clashing football, celebrity and our era of crisis

Fri 14 June // 19:30

Diamantino, the world's premiere football star loses his touch and has to seek new purpose in ... [more]

Curated by Anna Grabo

UN/ARCHIVING Plus 'FILMO #0' Zine Launch

Welcome friends from the Kino Climates netowrk

Fri 14 June // 22:00

UN/ARCHIVING is curated by Anna Grabo from B-Movie cinema in Hamburg, Germany. FILMO #0 is a ... [more]

LTP#7 presents

The Nothing Factory

A bold mash-up of realism, polemic and musical set in a Portuguese factory where staff face the axe (The Guardian)

Sat 15 June // 10:00

A deadpan drama and rebuke to the crisis in capitalism, Pinho's film starts one night, when ... [more]

LTP#7 presents

Madeline's Madeline

Here is a gigantically risky film about emotional development and theatrical performance (P. Bradshaw, The Guardian)

Sat 15 June // 16:30

a heady, fearless, incredibly invigorating work that has been unanimously hailed by critics as solidifying Decker’s ... [more]

LTP#7 presents

Kaili Blues

Dreamlike fugue to time and change in contemporary China

Sat 15 June // 20:00

A preoccupied doctor working in a small clinic in the rain-drenched city of Kaili, decides to ... [more]

LTP#7 presents

Three Who Passed: Hammer, Schneeman, Varda Shorts on 16mm

A rare screening of shorts on 16mm of three great experimental filmmakers

Sat 15 June // 20:00

In March 2019, three luminaries of alternative and avant-garde film passed away - Carolee Schneeman, Barabara ... [more]

LTP#7 presents

El Mar La Mar

An imersive experimental doc shot on 16mm of the physical and psychological landscape seperating USA and Mexico

Sun 16 June // 11:00

Made by alumni of the Harvard Sensory Ethnography Laboratory, El mar la mar (named for a ... [more]

LTP#7 presents


Sun 16 June // 14:00

The story of self-taught Georgian painter Niko Pirosmani, who sought understanding, struggling to find his place ... [more]