S&S is an open organisation.  Once you have done an induction, you can join working group email lists to get involved.

This place is 100% run by volunteers who do:

film projection : bar work : designing brochures and posters: database update : website update : emailing : building : ushering : film programming : planning festivals : booking bands: researching : decorating : sound/light engineering : cleaning : visioning : tidying inside and outside: gardening: fixing broken things : (f)re(e)cycling : going to film festivals : sweeping : sorting out the bar : writing copy : selling tickets : fundraising: bookkeeping : paying bills :  everyday utopianism : managing our license : DJing : organising gigs : everything else and more…

You can volunteer for a job, a one-off occasion, a regular weekly slot – however it best fits with you. You need a volunteer induction, then you can sign up yourself to volunteer shifts on our website. 

Our system of open programming means enthusiasts, activists, grass roots community organisations, independent artists and any member of the public can come and promote their own ideas or visions of culture in exchange for helping make Star and Shadow operational (give and take). We collectively look after the space, facilities and procedures for this to happen - tending the commons. Once you have had a volunteer induction you can sign up to the programming working group.

If you JUST want to put an event on without volunteering, you can hire space.