Star & Shadow Cinema is a completely volunteer-run DIY venue based in Newcastle upon Tyne in the North East of England.

We are an arts, music, cinema and community space set up as a cooperative that anyone can join.

We are housed in a building that we own and built. We have a 80 seater cinema, 200 capacity music venue, cafe, library, dark room, print room, garden, workshop, kitchen, changing places toilet and an online radio station.

Our programming is dedicated to independent grass-roots culture.

No-one is paid to run the Star & Shadow. There are no bosses or managers, just working groups, collective meetings, consensus decision making and a heavy dose of honest disorganisation. The building is run and programmed by its members and volunteers.

Our programming is completely open. Anyone willing to volunteer can put on a film screening, gig, meeting, talk or party, as long as they are willing to help run the place and get involved.

We also hire out our space.

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