Community Kitchen

As energy costs & food inflation rocket, the hardest hit are those who can least afford it. This winter more people will have to choose between eating or heating; some will just be choosing whether to eat. Here in the North East 2 out of 5 children (38%) live in poverty. Government handouts are going to the wealthy.

Star & Shadow volunteers are choosing to act - to care for one another. We believe in collective action, solidarity and mutual aid and we have a building that is warm, a commercial kitchen and plenty of space.

We aim to open the Star & Shadow building twice a month on a Wednesday evening to provide a welcoming space where Shieldfield people & volunteers can take part in community-led activities, have a free hot meal and access a free community larder. We want to improve our lives today and build confidence in our ability to build a fair, sustainable world tomorrow.

As a member of the Shieldfield community, we’re starting the Community Kitchen with the aim of deepening our links with local people so that everyone can be active participants and organisers in this project so that it grows and thrives.

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