This venue is 100% volunteer run. We prioritise events organised by our volunteers. Please become a volunteer.

If you can't become a volunteer, you can hire the Star and Shadow Cinema.

Before you read on:

At present we are not taking bookings for external late night club nights beyond our own programming. We don't have the capacity at the minute because we are purely volunteer run (why not become a volunteer and member?).

We don't take bookings for private closed personal parties or events like birthdays, weddings etc.

Our preference is public events that directly benefit our community, the communities on our door step and make our programmes richer, more exciting and diverse.

Before you send your enquiry:

Send us as much information as possible about your event. Practical details like times you want, what days and the date. What technical things you would like from us.

Please read our FAQs fully, most questions you'll have are answered here. Keep the details short and to the point, we don't need an essay and you don't need to justify why your event will fit with what we do. 1 or 2 lines will do to get a sense of what your thing is.

Remember we do this unpaid as volunteers. We can't always meet you in the venue to talk things through, we don't operate like other venues for hire.

Be patient (we all volunteer our time running S&S). We try to answer enquiries straight away but if you don't provide all the details clearly in your first contact this is when things start to slow down.

How do I book an event?

If you are not a volunteer, please complete and submit the Hire & Enquire form and give as much detail as possible.

If you are a volunteer and Star & Shadow member, please attend a programming meeting on a Monday.

What technology do you have?

Cinema: 35mm, 16mm, DCP, Bluray, DVD, all video files, 5.1 surround sound

Venue: x4 RCF HDLT10A, x2 18" RCF 8004-AS subwoofers, x4 RCF NX 12-SMA, Behringer x32 digital desk. LED lighting + lighting desk, spotlights + gels, smoke machine, SM85 microphones, microphone stands and limited back line (ask for details). We have modular staging with or without stands that can be arranged or removed.

What is the capacity?

Venue Standing: 200
Venue Seated: 70 (theatre style with full stage up and one accessible aisle.)
Cinema: 80 (+10 spaces for wheelchair access)
Café Standing: 40
Meeting Room: 25

300 is maximum number of people allowed in the whole of the building at anyone one time.

Venue is fully accessible. All areas within venue are level access for wheelchairs (no stairs)

We also have x2 accessible toilets including newly installed changing places accessible toilet facilities with overhead hoist, shower and adjustable wash basin.

I want to hire the cinema

We have two options for you to hire the cinema

Corporate Hire* £300 + VAT

Community Hire** £200 + VAT

This includes projectionist, usher and volunteers who will serves drinks from our bar/cafe. Max 3hr hire.

For a 'dry' hire of cinema space without film projection reduce hire fee by £50

If event is longer than 3hrs hire fee will increase.

If you are working with a very small budget we are open to negotiate a fee depending on benefits to local community.

* Universities, Colleges, businesses, large/medium sized organisations, large charities, funded projects

** Community Groups, local projects, schools, grass roots

We do not hire the cinema for personal private parties; birthdays, weddings etc

If you require a technician for sound or anything beyond film projection we will provide you will a list of freelancers familiar with Star & Shadow and you will have negotiate a fee separately with them.

I am a promoter, band, musician and I want to hire the venue for a gig

Hire fee is £150 + VAT to be paid upfront before the gig.

You will need to hire a freelance sound tech, we will provide you with a list of skilled freelancers familiar with Star & Shadow PA, it is up to you to negotiate a fee with them.

You will manage your own box office, all the door money is yours, we can provide a limited door float. We strongly advise that you have your own card payment machine as majority of payments are now via card.

It is your responsibility to promote your own gig, we will upload details to our website, including ticket links and will share as best we can through our social media channels but remember S&S is completely volunteer run, we'll do our best but it is up to you.

Gigs usually take place between 7pm - 11pm Mon - Thurs, 7pm - 12am Fri-Sat, 7pm - 11pm Sunday

Entry to S&S for set up is not before 4pm on the day of the gig.

I want to put on a club night

Our late licenses for club nights are extremely limited throughout the year and previously (pre-Covid) we built relationships with regular external club night promoters who managed their nights well and brought in positive and friendly crowds. Due to our capacity as a volunteer run cooperative we cannot have more than one club night per month.

To hire us for a club night hire fee is a minimum £400 + VAT to be paid upfront, the fee maybe more than this depending on what your require and our capacity to manage the event with you.

Club nights require us to hire door staff, request a temporary late license and also depending on the type of night and what you need we hire in extra sound to beef up the system. Hire also includes use of x2 CDJ2000NXS2 x1 DJM900 x2 Technics 1210mk7. If you require extra or different tech hire, we can put you in touch with people locally, this is at your cost.

You will manage the box office, all the door money is yours, we can provide a limited door float. We strongly advise that you have your own card payment machine as majority of payments are now via card.

Club nights take place between 9pm - 3am, with bar close 2am

Entry into S&S for set up is not before 5pm on the day of event.

I want to put on an event, training session, workshop, conference

You might want to hire the Star & Shadow for something different, a workshop, training session or conference.

We have chairs, tables, projectors, spaces for breakout sessions. See above for the capacity of each of our spaces.

The hire of the venue space is £150 + VAT for 4hrs. If you require support for projection, use of sound system or any other tech requirements or support we will provide you with a list of freelancers who can work in S&S and it is up to you to negotiate a fee with them.

If you are organising an event, training session or workshop with young people, children (under 16) who will not be accompanied by guardians or adults who could be considered vulnerable without carers we need to see your safeguarding policy, risk assessment and possibly up to date DBS depending on the nature of what you are proposing.

If event is longer than 4hrs hire fee will increase.

I want to put on an exhibition

We are not open 7 days a week and our opening times are irregular depending on what events are happening. We are always open Sundays 12pm - 4pm for the Cafe.

We have wall space for exhibitions and displays but they are not regularly programmed, come to an open programming meeting on a Monday, check the website, fill out and enquiry form or email

What other spaces can I hire

Café area: £120.00 + VAT for 2 hour use of space out of cafe opening hours

Meeting Room: £20.00 + VAT per hour

Hire whole building for a day (8hrs): £900.00 + VAT*

*This includes cinema, venue space, cafe area and meeting rooms. Any extra tech support we can provide a list of freelancers and you can negotiate a fee with them. We would need to have a chat with you about a full day hire depending on your needs and our capacity.

Did we say we do not take bookings for personal private parties e.g birthday parties, weddings etc etc?

What are the opening hours? 

Opening hours dependant on volunteer availability, but we are licensed for

09.00 until 24.00, Monday to Thursday,
09.00 until 02.00 Friday and Saturday,
09.00 until 23.00 Sunday.

15.00 until 23.00 Monday to Thursday,
11.00 until 01.00 Friday and Saturday,
11.00 until 22.00 Sunday.

Later licenses are available but limited and require temporary event license application.