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Star & Shadow presents

Family Matinee: Fantastic Mr. Fox

- first of a series of films selected by local children.

Dir: Wes Anderson, 2009, 88 minutes, Cert: PG

Sun 30 September // 14:00 / Cinema

Tickets: £7/5

Mr. Fox supports his family by raiding the farms of their human neighbours - the entirely horrid Boggis, Bunce and Bean, against his wife's wishes. When the farmers plan to destroy Mr. Fox, forcing his family and friends deep underground, he resorts to his natural craftiness to rise above the opposition. Director Wes Anderson's superb version of the Roald Dahl tale, featuring the voices of George Clooney (Mr. Fox) and Meryl Streep (Mrs. Fox).

All under 18s must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.