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Resounding Silents

The Three Musketeers

vintage silent movie, live improvised score


Sun 16 December 2018 // 19:30 / Cinema

Tickets: £7/5

The young D'Artagnon travels to Paris to make his name and fortune with the King's Musketeers, but he finds intrigue and treachery at court

When your father's best advice is “You are better than everyone else, now go and get in a fight” it is no wonder it ends in trouble, Douglas Fairbanks has had a little more fencing practice (the duel with Bernajoux opens with a good bit of what looks like genuine technique although mostly the cast appear untrained) and the stunts are massive, Fred Niblo has upped his game too creating a quite formal but fairly epic production making great use of the sets, the screenplay is decent and the pacing is good but it is a little long, the star is in good comedic form and there is plenty of carousing which regularly helps alleviate the broader melodrama