Live set from SINK (Folllows Rolling Stones Film)

Sat 24 January 2015 // 21:00 / Cinema

The Devil’s Music: Feature film - Sympathy for the Devil (Rolling Stones) followed by a live set from SINK    


 Sympathy for the Devil    J-L Godard (Uk Fr, 1968, 111mins) The Rolling Stones, Marianne Faithful, Clifton Jones 

An extraordinary mixture of rock and spoof polemic.   Filmed by the sharpest film mind on the twentieth century block, the film looks at the outer form of Rock Music and Protest Politics to ask if there is anything inside. Meanwhile the Stones improvise rehearse and finally play one of the greatest of all rock ballads.

 Followed by the Sink, extraordinary music from three Edinburgh musicians, who in jazz free form  will express a contemporary response to the Stones, Angst, Godard and protest everywhere at all times.