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Waheela present


Sat 3 November // 19:00 / Venue Space

Tickets: TBC

GNAW VIII is here. A night of noisy heaviness and abject charm lies in wait. Time to welcome back some familiar faces and welcome some new ones. This year we will return to the newly refurbished Star and Shadow, the original home of GNAW. 

Remote Viewing
Ex-members of: Palehorse, Million Dead, and others.
The music tells the story of cousins choking to death on the night bus. Of failed suicide attempts in provincial supermarket carparks. Of quiet, kind, generosity. Of parents dying. Of beautiful flower arrangements. Of a lack of patience, and then reprieve.Doom, hardcore, post-rock, noise, metal. Songs about bodily fluids – and that awkward loss - sit neatly against the joys of ornithology, and the most earnest examples of love. And being fucking straight cool. Remote Viewing will remind you of the abject misery of the human experience. At all times. And the permanent desire to fucking die. For fans of: Abba + Harsh Poetic Realism.

Returning to GNAW because of their mesmerising set last year. Cattle fuse an array of styles and sounds in a blistering way. Needs to be heard to be believed. Comprised of one drums, another one drums, bass, vocals, noise box and sound rod.

First time playing GNAW but unlikely to be their last. Local power trio who pulverise with their relentless brand of hardcore/noise/punk. 

Ex-members of Voe.
Tilde are a Glasgow-based two piece, described as an exercise of sonic experimentation and heavy atmospheric drones. Tilde capture an emotive heaviness that is very rare. 

Hosts of GNAW. Waheela are a quintet focused on collision and momentum, pulses, crashes, babble, & shriek. Recommended if you’ve a fondness for the giant-sized, befanged, clattering and sporadically ornamented, if you like it roar like sushi and inevitable like heat death, and/or if you have an abiding affection for things that are agitated, ungainly, and inherently unstable.

DJ Callan
GNAW resident DJ will be playing the most unusual wax in between the bands and if you stick around for a bit after the set, he might just take requests. Probably not though but he will be playing records until about 1AM. 

November 3rd 2018
Doors 7.30PM

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