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Star & Shadow Presents

Cru Servers (12th Isle) w/ Goa Flashbacks & Late Girl

Fri 14 September // 20:00 / Venue Space

Tickets: £5 advance/£7 on the door (concessions available)

A 2 man duo with a taste for rugged machinery and wild experiments; the Cru Servers sound is unconventional and does not tend to pay much regard to stereotypes or lineage.

Melodies flutter faintly in the background whilst the slow moving interchange between parts makes for a unique and wholesome listen. Cru Servers is perhaps best framed as what it might sound like if early life took its first steps out of the primordial gloop, dragged itself ashore, decided to make dance music and discovered that it had a knack for it. CS dangles precariously in the fault lines between discordantly melodic rhythm tracks, steadily paced chaos and swamp-soaked bass oddities


Goa Flashbacks 
(Acid Waxa)



Late Girl

+ DJ Radio Hut 

8pm til late