Wed 17 December 2014 // 19:30 / Cinema

The premiere of In Hinterland by Luke McCreadie, preceded by an evening of films programmed by Luke and contributed by the crew who worked on his film.

In Hinterland was made in the local village of Allenheads over the summer of 2014. Carried out as a utopian project to see if a group of amateurs are capable of making a narrative feature film against the proper advice of the film industry. Seen as a chance to collaborate rather than re-use the firm and often morally abject hierarchical structure of todays film crews. Luke and ten volunteer friends spent  three weeks living and breathing the making of the film in a rickety three roomed set, built on a wind swept hill in the North Pennines with barely a budget to rub together but lots of creative willing.

The film itself follows the inhabitants of a small village at the end of a very slow and imperceptible apocalypse spanning several lifetimes and going largely unnoticed. In a world where the infrastructure of society has crumbled, there are no courts of law, no parliament, no museums, no schools, no books, no original artefacts and no past in general. The people of this small village find themselves torn between looking to the past for answers or creating their own answers in their new future. The structural collapse has resulted in the confluence of former separations, such as fact and fiction, myth and reality and an 8 foot model of a Narwhal is found hidden down a local mine, as though a message from a past, long dead.

Preceding In Hinterland will be the premier screening of a short film, 'Not Here', made by one of the Film Bee Collective, Leah Millar.  In the bar space Kate Liston and Aaron Guy present a moon-themed selection of music with live visuals, journeying through the post-human possibilities space travel seems to make possible. We hope that you can join us for this special evening celebrating film-making and collectivity.