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Star & Shadow Presents

Italo Disco Night with Heartbreak Live! + 586/Road to Rimini DJs

Sat 17 November 2018 // 22:00 / Venue Space

Star & Shadow present a heavy rotation of Italo Disco themed screamers and connected cuts from across the last 30 odd years and the return to Newcastle of the glorious British/Argentinian duo Heartbreak who’ll be performing a live set after a 9 year hiatus.

Italo Disco is one of the weirdest dance subcultures to emerge from late 20th century Europe, a mad hybrid of NY electronic disco and a continental/mediterranean reinterpretation of British synth pop. It mostly by-passed mainstream UK pop culture with notable expectations of Pet Shop Boys and New Order. During a short intense period between ’82 & ’84 it influenced the emerging house/techno scenes of Chicago/Detroit and the burgeoning dance scenes across the North of England that would later turn into acid house.

Highly emotive, ridiculous, incomprehensible lyrics and killer hooks it influenced a new wave of artists in 2000s, producers and DJs via West Coast Dutch scenes - Cybernetic Broadcasting Systems, Mixed up in the Hague, I-F, Creme Organisation, Global Darkness, Viewlexx et al - that in turn inspired another generation.

Too weird and obscure to ever be really popular, it has inspired freaks the world over.

Newcastle didn’t miss out and the former S&S venue was home to the Italo inspired night Road to Rimini from 2007 - 2010. A short but sweet tenure that hosted the likes of Legowelt, Rude 66, TLR, The Hacker, David Vunk, Minimal Rome to name drop a few.

Ali Renault and Sebastian Muravchik who are Heartbreak performed for them numerous times including a legendary impromptu gig at The Tyne. It’s great to welcome them back! 

If you want a night of pure, unadulterated fun then this is the party to go to.

Disk Jock duties from the ever reliable 586 & Road to Rimini DJs (who've been given a day/night pass to leave the DJ retirement home)

Tickets are £8 advance and dancing till 3am!