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Fatuma (Tanzania) + Neria (Zimbabwe)

In association with Dynamix CIC & Attaya Projects

Dir: Jordan Riber, Tanzania, 2018, 85 min + Dir. Godwin Mawuru, 1993, Zimbabwe, 1h 43 min +

Thu 20 September 2018 // 19:00 / Cinema

Tickets: £6/£5

Fatuma (Dir. Jordan Riber, Tanzania, 2018 - 1h 25 min)

A traditional rural woman has always risked body and soul, without reward or thanks, to farm her husband's land and keep the family fed and cared for. She fights unfavourable weather, pests and poverty. But when Manyusi squanders her prized harvest and schemes to marry off their daughter, Fatuma must embark on the hardest fight of her life.


Neria (Dir. Godwin Mawuru, 1993, Zimbabwe - 1h 43 min)

Written by acclaimed Zimbabwean author Tsitsi Dangarembga, Neria concerns the struggles of a woman in a suburb of the capital; Harare, Warren Park, in Zimbabwe when she is widowed after her husband is killed in an accident. Her husband's older brother takes advantage of the death of his younger brother, and uses the inheritance for self-benefit at the expense of Neria and her two children.




UNSUNG celebrates the lives and achievements of sheroes and heroes of Afrikan heritage by giving context and inspiration for the work of artists and activists engaged in challenging racism today, and providing role models and skills development for young people.

The first part of the programme took place at Dynamic CIC earlier in the year. Across September, the programme culminates at Star & Shadow with an exhibition, art commissions, a talks, film screenings, a celebration and further workshops, many of which will be free and open to everyone.

With this programme, we also particularly want to involve and be accessible to refugees and asylum seekers, and people of Afrikan heritage living in the area of North East England.