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Lee Baby Sims

Fri 16 November 2018 // 21:00 / Venue Space

Tickets: free

Lured from his man cave at the prospect of playing some knock-out 45’s over the new super-duper Star & Shadow sound system, DJ Lee Baby Sims (Buttered Popcorn, The Futures Past, Wish You Were Here) is tickled pink to be hosting the premier of Club 7 Grooves For 7 Moods HERE!!

While Little Miss Perfect fixed up the Tatankas Lee’s dug deep into the The 7 Grooves Archive to present an evening of genre jumping, continent crossing, zeitgeist defining period piece music made during THE Golden Age of recorded music; when analogue was an art, a science and magic….and vinyl ruled the world!!

And for your listening pleasure….the unfamiliar, the overlooked, the rare, the forgotten, the inspired, the obscure, the incomprehensible, the amazing….. and ALL with a dance floor beat!!

Won’t know the tune? Who cares! Wanna have fun? Then trust your feet not your head!!

Any good?

“His nights are a must-go-to for both Hi-Fi connoisseurs and people who like to make a party”-DJ Johnny Foreigner

“Anyone who plays my records knows his cultural references and a catchy tune. I hear he’s got more great discs....lucky swine!”-Lance Percival

“Why do you think I married him!”-DJ Little Miss Perfect

“The boxes are heavy and he pays shit but the contents are mint!!”-DJ Assistant