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Vic Godard, Johnny Britton & The Subway Sect w/ The Wolfhounds & Spector Bullets + DJs

Vic Godard, with the additional 'Club Left' line up of The Subway Sect featuring onetime Bernard Rhodes protégé Johnny Britton, makes a welcome return to Newcastle!

Fri 23 November 2018 // 19:30 / Venue Space



"I fell totally into that thing Vic Godard said 'We Oppose All Rock And Roll', avoid all these clichés" Lawrence, Felt (Mojo Magazine, May 2012)

"Whenever Godard adopted a style it became a genre and when it became a genre... he did something else" (The Daily Telegraph, London)

Vic Godard is a vocalist, Subway Sect frontman, songwriter and former postman.

Vic Godard, with the additional 'Club Left' line up of The Subway Sect featuring onetime Bernard Rhodes protégé Johnny Britton, makes a welcome return to Newcastle. No stranger to the Star and Shadow Cinema, Vic and The Subway Sect's first visit to the new Warwick Street location promises to be a 7th memorable ‘Children of Godard’ night; as always, celebrating the influenced and influences of “the greatest living Englishman”, Vic Godard.





The Wolfhounds are an indie pop/noise pop band formed in Romford, UK in 1985 by Dave Callahan, Paul Clark, Andy Golding, Andy Bolton and Frank Stebbing, and originally active until 1990. The band reformed in 2005 and continues to write, record and play live, releasing new albums in 2014 and 2016.

The current line-up is David Callahan (guitar/vocals), Andy Golding (guitar/vocals), Peter Wilkins (Drums) and Richard Golding (bass). The Wolfhounds reformed in 2005 for a gig to mark the 20th anniversary of the release of their first single ‘Cut the Cake’ in 1985.

In 2006, they were asked by Bob Stanley of St Etienne to play at the ICA in London, alongside Roddy Frame and Phil Wilson, to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the NME cassette ‘C86’. They have continued to play live, re-energised when The Membranes asked them to be special guests at The Lexington in London, and in March 2012 played with Laetitia Sadier from Stereolab in support at a benefit to raise funds for the Timperley Frank Sidebottom memorial statue.

In October 2016, the Wolfhounds released their sixth album ‘Untied Kingdom (...Or How To Come To Terms With Your Culture)’. Louder Than War rated it 9/10. The band continue to write and perform new material into the present as well as celebrate their past in style with a recent compilation of John Peel sessions, ‘Hands In The Till’, on A Turntable Friend Records.





Spectorbullets, the brainchild of Malmo/New York-dwelling Swedish singer-songwriter Gustaf Heden and former Fire Engines/Win/Piefinger drummer/sonic magician Russell Burn are back with guitarist Gavin Fraser (Piefinger/Boots for Dancing) and bassist Jane Mckeown (Lungleg) to reprise their Children of Godard debut in 2011.


'A collision of pop and avant garde rock ideas connected by psychedelic skiffle, Spectorbullets might be the missing link between Syd Barrett and The Libertines.'

Uncut Magazine, November 2010


'Spectorbullets mix of stripped-down anti-folk and strung-out, rock‘n’roll euphoria is on a restless mission to condense the spirit of Jonathan Richman into a loose-knit and gloriously messy street-smart confection of post-punk skiffle.'

Neil Cooper, The List, November 2010