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Don't tell anyone films presents

Subvertise Film and workshop

Don't just sit there, do something.

A film about subvertising in London (21mins).

Sat 19 October 2019 // 13:30 / Cinema

Tickets: PWYF

Subvertising is the act of taking back the conversations held in our public spaces. This film shows how a small group based in and around London do this effectively using their own skills and imagination.
We will show the short (20 minute) film in the cinema and then have a discussion/workshop which aims to help us develop similar tactics for reclaiming our right to be part of the conversations that are currently hoarded (excuse the pun) by those who wish to sell their products, services (and souls?) to all and any. 

Disclaimer. Some of the activities shown in this film are technically illegal.
The Star and Shadow is happy to support a discussion and workshop based around reclaiming our public spaces but does not condone or promote any form of illegal behaviour... our legal team also asked us to tell you to make sure you are polite and respectful to those poor suckers who may have to arrest you if you decide to copy any of the naughty people seen in this film.