Bar & Projections & Live Music

William Kentridge Weekend Bar

Time for a drink, socialise and ......

Fri 28 February // 20:00 / Venue Space
Sat 29 February // 20:00 / Venue Space

Tickets: free entrance venue space from 8.00 pm onward

Time for reflection and relaxing and a drink with some entertaining screenings  and Live Music later in the evening.
On Friday evening :  Side Cafe Orkestar, Newcastle upon Tyne based ensemble, plays Klezmer, Hot Club, Balkan, and other eclectic melodies.
Reflect upon the day's films with a drink in the bar to Side Cafe's accompaniment of clarinet, flute, fiddle, 'cello, guitar, accordion and tuba.

On Saturday evening : Alberta Soul Sisters, a blend of original and classic soul, jazz and blues from Andrea C E Harris (extraordinary vocals), Lisa Delarny (Guitar/ vocals) and Helen Walker (Trumpet).

In 2017, as part of Freedom City, Andrea C E Harris took the lead vocal as Alberta, Celebrating her role as the mother of Martin Luther King, who reared a child to believe he could make a difference. Sadly, both were killed. The musical ‘Alberta: Building Foundations of Love’ was written by leadership in state schools campaigner, Helen Walker and original music from Lisa Delarny.