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UNSUNG Workshop: Creative Mentorships

Sun 23 September 2018 // 12:00 / Venue Space

Tickets: FREE

During the month of September, the programme "UNSUNG Sheroes & Heroes of Afrikan Heritage" by Dynamix CIC is in residence at Star & Shadow. The programme includes an exhibition, art commissions, workshops, and a film season with movies by and about Afrikans and the Afrikan diaspora.


UNSUNG is holding two free workshops for young people, artists, teachers and other educators. If you are interested in any taking part, please contact: rosa@dynamixcic.org

* Sun 23rd September // Creative Mentorships 

This workshop is for young people of Afrikan Heritage who are interested in pursuing careers in the creative industries. It will provide inspiration and an opportunity to meet and learn from established professionals of Afrikan Heritage, as well as being the beginning of an ongoing mentorship programme for a number of young people of Afrikan Heritage.