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This Land is Your Land


Tue 30 June // 14:00 / Radio

Tickets: No Pounds

A radio show about Food Sovereignty and Food from Sustainable Sources.

What is food sovereigntyFood sovereignty allows communities control over the way food is produced, traded and consumed. It could create a food system that is designed to help people and the environment rather than make profits for multinational corporations.

Each week on this 30 minute radio show we will speak to people who campaign for food sovereignty.

And to producers and growers in Newcastle Upon Tyne who are producing and selling fresh, healthy food that we can trust.


This week we have:

1. Effects of Commercialised Agribusiness on our food system. A talk by Sabrina Espelata from War on Want.

2. The Magic Hat Cafe. The Magic Hat Cafe is a project tackling food waste in Newcastle. They run the city’s only anti-food waste cafe and market – fighting food waste and feeding the people!