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New Bridge, Fat Out & Islington Mill present

LIVE in a Northern Town (Blown Out, Girl Sweat PTRB, Blóm, Rachel Goodyear + more)

Fri 7 September 2018 // 20:00 / Venue Space
Sat 8 September 2018 // 20:00 / Venue Space


Ex-Easter Island Head
Rachel Goodyear 


The Girl Sweat Pleasure Temple Ritual Band w/ impaTV
Coatic Sequence LIVE



The NewBridge Project have invited Islington Mill to participate in Life in a Northern Town, a series of three exhibitions and a programme of events featuring work by upcoming and early-career artists living and working in the North of England. The programme has been developed in partnership with other artist-led spaces and studio collectives from Northern cities, celebrating the ambitious and experimental spirit of organisations with a grassroots, DIY ethos at the heart of what they do.

LIVE in a Northern Town celebrates and continues the Mill’s long-standing commitment to supporting a local music programme as well as collaboration between visual artists and musicians. The Mill will present a programme of LIVE events bringing musicians from across the North to Newcastle for two days and nights of special collaborations, workshops and performances.

For this project, Stina Puotinen, Studio & Events Manager at Islington Mill, has teamed up with longtime Mill resident Emma Thompson – of Fat Out music promotion – to select musicians to be paired with visual artists from the Mill’s network. Taking place between The Star and Shadow and The NewBridge Project, the two-day program highlights Islington Mill’s signature mix of music and visual arts, and will showcase musicians from Liverpool, Salford, Leeds and Newcastle.


Blown Out are a Newcastle trio that evoke the psychedelic jam music of San Francisco's glory days - effects-laden guitar jamming that goes nowhere and everywhere. 
Power trio psych rock heavily indebted to Hendrix at his most freak-out happy, and which owes more to the Japanese tradition of psychedelia than the British – they practically live in the red zones most avoid.

Ex-Easter Island Head are a Liverpool based musical collective composing and performing music for solid-body electric guitar, percussion and other instruments.Primarily performing as a trio, the group incorporate multiple prepared electric guitars struck with percussion mallets to create works that explore group interplay, repetition and melodic invention through purposefully limited means. They have performed their original compositions solo, as a duo, trio, quartet and as a large ensemble across a wide variety of events from site specific installation works to live film scores.

ATATAT is the solo project of Joel Barbara; a drummer, composer & improviser based in LIverpool. He has played, written for, toured extensively and released many records with BARBEROS, a.P.A.t.T. + STIG NOISE, as well as appearing with STEALING SHEEP, THE ROYAL WEDDING, PRESIDENT BUSINESS and many other improvisational ensembles and collaborative projects over the last ten or so years. For his solo work (ATATAT) Joel uses contact mics, loops, fx, vocals and feedback to create a unique drone-scape, percussive universe. Jumping between song, riff, blast, fuzz and space, he flows over the drum kit in a way not often seen, triggering melody, looping vocals, distorting electronics and and hammering every part of the drums to create his noise.

Rachel Goodyear specialises in the practice of Drawing where she explores notions of fear, desire and longing. Goodyear captures fragments of imagery, stripping them far from their original context before manipulating and rendering them in delicate pencil work. Her predominantly figurative drawings are occasionally interrupted with abstracted explosion of colour or texture. These motifs she considers to be 'fractures' or 'blind spots' that conceal and partially reveal, like a waking dream or a false recollection. The resulting images are simultaneously macabre and playful, allowing for multiple interpretations of the scenes she depicts: playful or confrontational, erotic or predatory. Taking these drawing and other mark making techniques she produces live visuals using an overhead projector taking the audiences into her dream-like and sometimes unsettling world. 



Girl Sweat TPRB is the movement of truth and beauty lead by Sweat. The cosmos has spoken. After pounding the world via his sonic masses within Girl Sweat, Sweat himself was to be the conduit to guide the lost through the darkness and into bliss via the power of noise, drone and groove. After a short ceremony of blood, fire and poisons, his followers were baptised into the movement. Since 2016 Sweat alongside his Pleasure Temple Ritual Band has been transcending audiences across the UK into liminal worlds of unparalleled joy via their cataclysmic, krautedelic onslaught. Live rituals have held upto 13 peoples worth of tribal percussion, unyielding guitar attacks, a cacophany of synth, sax and howling vocals. 


harness a unique visual aesthetic appropriating a lust for the odd and experimenting within. They combine obsolete and modern technology in order to broadcast and stream to you a plethora of weird and wonderful live music, performance and art.

Blóm are three cute punx playing pua radge shit
FFO: Lightning Bolt, Cocaine Piss, queer feminist hardcore 
2/3 former Tough Tits 1/3 pastel enigma


is a collaborative sound and visual project by Manchester artists Darren Adcock and Tasha Whittle. The project was debuted in 2017 after a collaborative commission for Manchester Science Festival. The pair utilise a hand built modular synthesiser ‘Glen’ to amplify drawing and improvise visual and sonic compositions.