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Unlearn and Publish presents

FOLD Publication Launch

A Microproject funded by Star and Shadow Cinema and Arts Council England

Wed 25 November // 20:00 / External

Unlearn and Publish present to you FOLD issue 1, funny. This publication brings together artworks by: Kevin Christensen, Cathy Garner, Adam Goodwin, Edwin Li, Sarah Li, Eli Samuels and Helen Shaddock. Unlearn and Publish is the name for the collaborative work by Bex Harvey and Sarah Li.

The aim of FOLD is to platform artists from all stages of their career and from all backgrounds and various viewpoints and we are very excited to launch our first one with the theme 'funny'. 

The launch on the 25th November will be available to see via the Star and Shadow website. All you have to do is click on 'Microprojects' on the left-hand side, click 'FOLD' when it appears underneath. You will then have access to our information, videos and information about ordering the publication. There will be an option to get a publication totally free including postage, an option to pay for the postage but get the publication free, and an option to pay postage and donate. We ask you to be honest about what option best fits your current situation when choosing an option- please donate if you can, please pick the free option if you can't!! 

We look forward to sharing this work with you!