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back in the building...still streaming live online...

Chop Socky Dojo

classic martial arts movie club

various underground action classics and world cinema oddities from the 20th Century

Thu 2 September // 19:00 / Venue Space
Thu 7 October // 19:00 / Venue Space
Thu 4 November // 19:00 / Venue Space
Thu 2 December // 19:00 / Venue Space

Tickets: zero yen

A casual training session for chop socky beginners and martial arts movie adepts hosted by an eccentric vagrant with rumoured secret knowledge...trailers, clips, docs and feature films plus reviews and recommendations, live in the bar and streaming online first Thursday of every month from 7pm

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THIS MONTH...SHIN'ICHI SONNY CHIBA TRIBUTE...these are just the warm up!