Wor Story - People's History Film Festival

Sat 29 October 2011 // 13:00 / Cinema


From the distant past to the present day, ordinary people have come together and taken action to create better lives for their communities and for the wider world.

Join us to look into 'Wor Story'  - films, exhibits and workshops exploring just a few of the many inspiring stories and amazing events in the struggle against exploitation and inequality.

With films, discussions and exhibitions on equal pay, the poll tax, miner's strike and more...

Plus never-before seen footage from protests, actions and other struggles for social change in Newcastle's recent and not so recent past, and Archive for Change - archive material from Newcastle's West End.

 Info stalls, workshops and discussions on past campaigns, current (and future?) campaigns, Canny Little Library and infoshop.

And the launch of Wor Diary 2012, Newcastle's own participatory rebellious diary!

If you would like more info or to get involved, you can contact cannylittlelibrary@yahoo.co.uk

Daytime events free (cinema membership £1)

Saturday talks, workshops and films: (more tbc)

1pm Poll Tax Revolt (1990, 30mins) - The Poll Tax, introduced by the Conservative government in 1990, was met with a campaign of mass community resistance and eventually defeated. How did this happen? Are there any lessons to be learnt for today’s struggles against recession and cuts? Plus talk & discussion facilitated by people involved in local anti-poll tax and other campaigns.

3pm Uncovering Grassroots Histories - the why and the how – participatory discussion facilitated by people involved in researching the past from the bottom-up. Bring your ideas and questions, or just come and listen.

3pm - 4pm Films for Children

4.30pm Women and the Miner’s Strike – film & discussion, with Barbara Jackson, woman striker and member of Sheffield Women Against Pit Closures, plus more guest speakers.

 Stalls including AK Press, Working Class Bookfair, Canny Little Library plus more.


Click here for Day 2 programme


Both Days

Archive for Change - A selection of films showing examples of community action through the ages from Newcastle’s West End. Archive for Change is a film archive, visually documenting some of the many changes in the social and built environment related to wide spread regeneration in Scotswood & Benwell, through archive footage and new films co-produced with local residents and artists Taryn Edmonds, Laura Maragoudaki & Julie Ballands. http://archiveforchange.org/

‘Record yer story’ Booth  - Share your experiences – have you been on strike, refused to pay the poll tax, campaigned or protested, been part of a radical co-op or collective, taken direct action, or organised to make a difference?! Cos history’s not the just the stuff of battles, kings and queens, but made in the streets, everyday!

National Unemployed Workers Movement photography and memorabilia exhibition with prints from the Working Class Movement Library archives