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Volunteer get together


with food

Fri 12 January // 09:30 / Café
Fri 19 January // 09:30 / Café
Fri 26 January // 09:30 / Café
Fri 2 February // 09:30 / Café
Fri 9 February // 09:30 / Café
Fri 23 February // 09:30 / Café
Fri 1 March // 09:30 / Café
Fri 8 March // 09:30 / Café
Fri 15 March // 09:30 / Café
Fri 22 March // 09:30 / Café

Tickets: free

Friday cleaning club for volunteers - Everyone welcome. This event is a great way to meet new people and learn about the intricacies of how the Star and Shadow works, and really make an impactful difference. Breakfast is served up for volunteers to take a well deserved rest after getting stuck in.

Alongside regular cleaning tasks, there can be extra areas to clean and make nice each week. There is a guide on how and where to clean and plenty of people around for you to ask questions.

The beer line cleaning is also done and this is a great opportunity to learn this important task. Add your name to the rota when you are able to come along and get stuck in as well as if you would like to shadow the line cleaning.

Look forward to seeing you there.