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Star and Shadow

Open meeting

online and in the building

Tue 2 April // 18:00 / Meeting
Tue 7 May // 18:00 / Meeting
Mon 1 July // 18:00 / Meeting
Mon 2 September // 18:00 / Meeting
Mon 4 November // 18:00 / Meeting
Mon 6 January 2025 // 18:00 / Meeting
Mon 3 February 2025 // 18:00 / Meeting

Tickets: FREE

Open meeting.

This meeting is for people who want to bring up items for discussion or raise ideas that are not related to Programming events or Caretaking issues.

The meeting is also an opportunity for volunteer collectives, working groups and individuals to share what they have been up to so people can learn about what is going on in all areas of the cinema.

Please do pop along to this open forum to hear about what is new and find out more about the cinema.
Members of the public are encouraged to come in and listen too.

Open Meetings are scheduled for 7 Mondays in the year. Next ones are:

Tuesday 2 April 2024 at 6pm

Tuesday 7 May 2024 at 6pm

Monday 1 July 2024 at 6pm

Monday 2 September 2024 at 6pm

Monday 4 November 2024 at 6pm

Monday 6 January 2025 at 6pm

Monday 3 February 2025 at 6pm

Volunteers can find the joining details on the rota in the toolkit. For any members of the public who wish to attend please email main Star & Shadow email found on the website.