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Creative Writing Mindfulness Course

Sun 14 April // 12:00 / Venue Space
Sun 21 April // 14:00 / Venue Space
Sun 28 April // 14:00 / Venue Space
Sun 5 May // 14:00 / Cinema
Sun 19 May // 14:00 / Cinema
Sun 26 May // 14:00 / Venue Space
Sun 2 June // 14:00 / Cinema
Sun 9 June // 14:00 / Venue Space

Tickets: FREE

2pm to 3.30pm.

Creative Writing Mindfulness course, guided by award-winning author and uni teacher, and artist in arts and health. Produce polished writing with a strong ‘voice’ after reflecting nonjudgmentally in the present on themes like p.o.v, memory, identity, and change.

This course will focus on the creative writing part in a person-centred approach: guiding learners in the writing process and in ‘meta-analytically’ reflecting about their writing, their memories, thoughts and feelings. So the course is a linkage between creative writing and philosophical understanding/perspective, revolving around the themes of memory, identity and perspective. Learners will explore the freedom of creative expression in 1st, 2nd and 3rd person narration while also developing a sense of rational empowerment and control in their writing and a strong writing ‘voice’. Within a group they will experience the process of creative expression as well as enrich their personal growth through understanding and cooperation. The philosophical/analytical element of the class will be fully integrated within and supportive of the creative writing one, and thus we envision the course as fitting within the rubric of ‘creative writing therapy’.

This course is open to all and we are happy for people to drop in on the day. If you are a volunteer you can sign up on the rota.