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Video Production Workshop

Sat 18 May // 13:00 / Meeting

Tickets: Free

Calling all aspiring filmmakers, storytellers and enthusiasts!  

Do you want to learn and share knowledge about creating videos? Then this workshop is for you!

In this hands-on workshop, facilitated by filmmaker and educator Joao Lazaro, we'll cover the main processes related to video production, giving you the skills to bring your vision to life.


  • Planning and Resource Allocation in Video Production - 18th May 2024 - 1 pm to 5 pm

This session focuses on planning and production, the backbone of any great video. We'll explore creating essential documents like shot lists and film schedules, ensuring your filming runs smoothly.  Bring your own script or project outline to work on, or get started with the workshop examples provided. You don’t necessarily need to have attended the previous sessions of the workshop.

No prior knowledge or equipment is needed!  This is a great opportunity to develop your skills, share knowledge with fellow creators, and explore different video formats -  short films, documentaries, street interviews, video art, music videos, and more!

Book your spot today using this link: https://forms.gle/pvPKgUD94xApNqVQ6


- This workshop is for adults only (18+).
- Space is limited (only 15 spots available), so book early!
- We welcome everyone, but Star and Shadow volunteers have priority booking.
- You'll receive an email confirming your attendance. Please reply to secure your spot.
- A waiting list will be in place for full sessions.
- Check the full workshop description: https://bit.ly/3SO67cM
- Contact Joao Lazaro at joaorlazaro@gmail.com for further enquiries.

Workshop sessions:

- [20/04/2024] Part 1: Ideas and Video Creation; Creative Exercises for Video Script Creation
- [18/05/2024] Part 2: Planning and Resource Allocation in Video Production; 
- [TBD] Part 3: Theory and Practice of Video Recording - Image and Sound;
- [TBD] Part 4: Easy Video Editing with free or accessible software;
- [TBD] Part 5: Watch Party and Video Promotion - YouTube and Social Networks;