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LTP #10 presents

Love Tapes

Wendy Clarke, USA, 1978-2011, 1hr37m

Fri 7 June // 22:00 / External

Tickets: LTP pass

Love Tapes is a collection of video recordings of 2,500 people from diverse backgrounds who share their personal feelings about love. Love, as described throughout the tapes, is not defined by any one singular meaning, but is instead contextualized by the variety of personal perspectives and experiences within this collection. Such interpretations of love explore lust, friendship, first love, and familial love. This selection consists of 32 edited tapes from 1978-2011. The Love Tapes project began in 1977 and is ongoing. They have been made in settings including museums and art galleries, private homes, and other institutions including the World Trade Center. They have been presented in various gallery settings and were also released on PBS and other US public television stations in the 1980s.

"you could have every person on the planet do one of these. Then you'd really know what the human beings were like. That wuld be an incredible real deep look into being human." (Wendy Clarke, 2019, Lux Interview with Kim Coleman)

Love Tapes is presented by Kim Coleman as part of her ongoing work with Clarke's archive. Kim will give some context to the work before the screening.

Over the weekend of Losing the Plot, Kim, together with other LTP volunteers, will facilitate a restaging of the Love Tapes in which everyone at the retreat will be invited to make their own 'love tape'.