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Wandering Oak presents

Behold A Pale Horse

album launch “TODAY'S NEWS... STAY HAPPY” + A/V show! Special Guests : Roxy Girls + Witness Protection

Fri 6 March // 19:30 / Venue Space

Tickets: £7.50 advance or £10 on the door, (ticket includes album discount at the show)

2020 gets more 1984 by the day. It's everywhere you care to look, and too many don't.
Newcastle's as clear a reflection of it as anywhere in the UK, and the members of spirited Tyne and Wear five-piece Behold A Pale Horse, always moving with purpose, have made a record urgently called for. A psychic retaliation galvanized by deeply divided days, yet rooted in hope and honesty.
Addressing the truth as they see it, the varied touchstones of their own rich musical unity – always fusing impassioned strands of psychedelia and dance music with heartfelt melody, and the discipline of kosmische - are now honed into a life-affirming arsenal, self-recorded and self-released on fierce pink wax.


Listen to "Soma" with Video "Happiness" by Steve Cutts http://www.stevecutts.com/

+ Special Guests : ROXY GIRLS

"Awkward, angular, angry and inventive” - Tom Robinson, BBC6

Roxy Girls have gone from strength-to-strength at an astonishing rate, with a vast array of critical acclaim, early support from Marc Riley and Tom Robinson at BBC 6 Music (with the band performing for both in session), renowned live shows and their recent signing to Moshi Moshi Records.

The new mini-album, the hotly received "A Poverty of Attention" (recorded with David Brewis of Field Music ) is a thrilling prospect and a huge statement of intent, which sees the band expand on previous material, stripping down the post-punk format and remodelling it for current generation.

Whilst their vernacular might make The Futureheads an easy (albeit apt) comparison, there is an added breathless intensity and intricacy to their instrumentation that calls to mind the likes of Omni or Gang of Four, interwoven with indie-pop sensibilities and hooks that are reminiscent of XTC, Television and Modern Lovers.

The band have earned a reputation for their angular and intoxicatingly idiosyncratic live performances at shows across the UK supporting the likes of Drahla, Du Blonde, Flamingods, The Rhythm Method, Crocodiles, Mush, Duds, Thee MVPS and more.





New noise imbued with much gothic and post-punk turbulence, and loud, heady strains of guitar and synth tearing through it like wildfire. Also expect moody vocals, addressing current social issues with biting sarcasm.

“Canny chaotic”

FFO: New Order / Bambara / Fontaines DC / Slint / Black Midi


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