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Film for Equinox

Henry Fool - (Dir: Hal Hartley)

Winner - Best Screenplay Cannes 1998 - Dark Comedy / Drama (social distancing)

Hal Hartley; 1997; Cert 18; 1h 42m

Sun 6 February // 19:30 / Cinema

Tickets: £7/£5

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Winner of Best Screenplay at Cannes 1998.

A socially inept garbage collector and his promiscuous sister's (Parker Posey) lives are changed forever by the arrival of the charismatic, witty rogue, Henry Fool, who moves into the basement of their house with the apparent intention of putting the finishing touches to his memoirs. Full of surreal situations and heightened, clever conversations that Hartley does so well. There is no chance of mistaking Henry Fool for the work of someone else. What emerges is a highly entertaining dissertation on the role of the artist in society, featuring all of Hartley's strengths - hilariously arch dialogue and off-kilter sensibility.