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The City and the People:

In the Last Days of the City Tamer El Said 2016 - an elegy a melancholic love-hate poem to Cairo

Tamer El Said

Sun 26 May // 19:30 / Cinema

Tickets: £7/5

In the Last Days of the City is a film ostensibly about Cairo, a city locked in myth a city of the dead and the living.   And the city is present, in its harshness in its tenderness, pulsing with the life of the streets.  The action is set against the experience of Cairo itself,  but leads us deeper into an interweaving of the city with the emergence of a new type of Arab identity, a change in which the world could be perceived differently.  Shot before the streets erupted in the revolution that brought down Mubarak, and edited in the aftermath the film reflects the opposition of forces at play that extend into the making of the film itself